Shanna Holmes

I had my son Ahreem in April 2019. I remember the day after I had him Dr. K walking into the room and evaluating him. I could tell by his demeanor, professionalism, and the way he explained things to us that he was an amazing Pediatrician. I was taking my five year old to the community health clinic because it was convenient but was looking to change Pediatricians (due to long wait times and unsanitary conditions) so when he told me about his practice I didn’t tell him I would come but I was already making plans to change doctors. This is a very nice office. It’s very child friendly and clean. There is no wait time and you are taken care of immediately. Dr. K is very attentive and understanding. He explains everything to you and answers any questions you ask. Your child is definitely in good hands if you are lucky and blessed enough to find Dr. K. If I could give him 10 stars I definitely would.